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Web Development

We deliver effective website design to convert visitors to leads, search engine optimization to attract targeted visitors to your site and communication solutions to automate the marketing process . 

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Website Development Will Require A Free Consultation - We Want To Get It Right The First Time

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Affiliate Marketing

We can help you navigate through the affiliate marketing space. All affiliate programs are not the same and to know what pitfalls to look for can save you a lot of money. 

Online Marketing

We have an affiliate relationship with the company providing this product or service

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Email Marketing

Our goal is to help local off line businesses use the internet to get more customers. We specialize in Internet Marketing Systems and Solutions for local businesses and entrepreneurs right here in Providence, RI

Email Marketing

We include Email and Video Marketing in all of our Promotions. See it in action >>>

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Video Services

Video adds a very exciting element to marketing today because it can be very direct and inviting. We are always excited when a client decides to add video marketing to their portfolio because we are able to increase business and traffic 10x’s faster.

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Social Media Services

Social Media is becoming more accepted as the voice of many and we have developed a system to help create, increase and maintain a Social Media presence and for your customers to interact with you . 

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Promotional Marketing

Viral Funels - Contest - Giveaways, ect


Promotional marketing is the use of any special offer intended to raise a customer's interest and influence a purchase

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Our Concentration Is On The Local Business And
Helping That Market Utilize The Internet Using
Strategic Marketing Techniques.

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How We Generate Unlimited Leads In Any Niche
and The System We Use To Covert Them Into Sales.

Hire a Marketing and Social Media Consultant With
Both Online and Direct Marketing  Experience

  Drive More Traffic To Your Website Using Video      

 Use Video  in 

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In the beginning I just wanted an easy
way to market my properties...

I started internet marketing back in 2009 when I first started investing in real estate. I was focused on making money as fast as I could so I focused on Flipping or Wholesaling Properties as a niche and that’s when we started D&L Realty and Investments​​​​​​​. We needed a way to market our properties to a larger, but more specific audience and that is when I started building websites and marketed my properties online. Out of necessity and through trial and error.

For the next several years I plunged head first into learning as much as I could about Internet Marketing. I became an Internet Marketing Junkie; I wanted to learn as much as I could from as many people as I could.  I just wanted to get better and the topic interested me.

In November 2011 I created Dot Com Secrets Providence to offer my services as a Strategic Marketing Consultant, Specializing in Internet Marketing Systems and Solutions for local businesses, marketers and entrepreneurs.

Our concentration is on the Local Business Owners interested in utilizing the internet to expand and grow their business using Strategic Marketing Techniques and Strategies. Although we are based in Providence we do work in other cites and states helping local small businesses make a difference in their bottom line.

​​​​​​​You see up until now I had been testing and experimenting with different programs and systems for myself, but I had never offered my services to anyone else and I knew I would have to prove myself first.

So let me tell you what I did for the next five years (2011 – 2016)…..